Wednesday, May 29, 2013

149/365: Cranky Baby

Yesterday, Hannah had her 2 month vaccines and slept most of the day. She also slept great so I figured we were good to go... but I was very wrong. This poor baby has been soooo cranky today and won't let me put her down. So, today's picture is a cell phone shot because there was no way this little lady was going to let me have a few minutes to pick up my camera.

I had put her down for her afternoon nap in her room, it lasted 45 minutes. This is the face she had when I got her. 

Throughout the day, I was able to complete only 1 load of wash and got on the elliptical 4 times, but for no longer than 5 minutes each try. She eventually fell asleep on my chest so I put her down. Silly me, so I picked her back up, and this is how I stayed for a good 2 hours. 

Poor baby. 

Side note... Dustin and I just tried giving her baby Tylenol. What genius decided to put red dye in a liquid that needs to be given to infants who will likely hate it and spit it back out? Duh.

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