Wednesday, May 1, 2013

121/365: Happy May Day

It was a gorgeous spring day here! I met with a group of mommy friends in a local park. We were a stroller brigade! I didn't take this picture, but it deserves to be picture of the day :)

When we got home, Hannah and I grabbed Riley and went for another walk.

After our walk, Hannah gave me some sweet, sweet smiles. Oh, how my heart melted! I hope your May Day was just as lovely as ours!


  1. So nice having a mommy group, especially with your first child. I met so many wonderful moms thru the breastfeeding support group at the hospital and thru the local MOMS club. And what a wonderful time of year to go out and walk with your babies! Really nice!

    1. These girls are from the Breastfeeding support group through our hospital. We decided meeting once a week just wasn't enough :) It's so great that the hospital has it!